GLYCERIN and WITCH HAZEL (Anti-inflammatory) for Psoriasis

Don't believe this works for Erythrodermic, Inverse or PPP Ps. If it is used and does not feel right, BATHE and rinse off.

I have Plaque Ps. I’ve used all the creams/ointments, even $500 Taclonex (free samples), which worked for a month, then nothing)!

These are NATURAL and OTC. It's safe, CHEAP (less than $19 for both) and it WORKED for me and many on this site:

Mix Glycerin (a liquid) .... 50/50 w/ Witch Hazel that is ALCOHOL FREE or ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) purchase the cheapest at supermarket.
Place in SPRAY BOTTLE, Spray very lightly and ........RUB IN UNTIL GONE... Apply at least an hour B4 bed time or getting dressed to give time for absorption.

Alcohol free Witch Hazel is not usually sold in drug stores....U may have to buy at Health Food store or on-line. See the following link.

If using Apple Cider Vinegar, experiment first on sml area of Plaques to make sure it does not irritate. If it does; wash off. The vinegar scent disappears a minute after drying.

Both WH and Apple Cider Vinegar R naturally anti-inflammatory and very soothing and makes the Glycerin .....MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE for me....!
I even use it on my face as a moisturizer B4 I apply make-up.
Of COURSE .....NEVER........ apply to OPEN lesions!

Best to place solution in SPRAY bottle...the ONLY way I can apply to my BACK! Spray very lightly and ........RUB IN UNTIL GONE..... !

It is also a wonderful MOISTURIZER! For most of us it stops the ITCHING immediately! It often helps to lessen the redness.

IMPORTANT: Witch Hazel w/ ALCOHOL stings many Ps sufferers, and can be drying.
Most drug stores do NOT carry Alcohol-FREE WH. Find in Whole Food type stores or in the link below.

...............................Witch Hazel and Glycerin......order on line: ..............

It is so easy to apply mixture from a small spray bottle. Apply whenever skin feels dry. I should use more often but usually use just after bathing every other day.I Spray on ......Rub in ........ until solution disappears and skin remains moist. If it is greasy then TOO MUCH has been applied.
(Of course I would NEVER apply solution to OPEN lesions.)
Straight Glycerin (concentrated) it is too gooey. It does not dry and it has to be wiped off.

It got rid of 80 - 90% scales in about 1 to 3 weeks! It relieves itching and some of my red spots faded but that took longer...3 weeks.

Plain UNSCENTED Glycerin bar of soap for bathing at Whole Food type stores <-- $2.

............................................For SCALP: ............................................
1) apply the Glycerin WH mix to scalp w/ finger tips and rub in. Leave on as long as U can, maybe on the W/E. Some leave on overnite w/ a towel on the pillow.
2)Then wash out in the AM
“T +Plus Therapeutic Shampoo” (can only be purchased at Target…VERY CHEAP!) or any SLS Free shampoo that works. I wash my hair only once a week to prevent dry scalp and allow natural scalp oils to form.
The mngr of CVS or Walmart will order Glycerin to the store (if you can’t find it).

1) Walmart: $3.

2) CVS: $5. uctId=483707&WT.mc_id=Shopping_Feed_Products_Google_Free_Listing

3) How glycerin works:

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YES< YES<YES, It helped a lot, and thank you for posting that info so completely.
I got my gylcerin at Walgreens and it was not cheap, ($17.00 for 8 oz) but oh so worth it. I will look around for a cheaper source. I don't mind the feel of the combo at all.

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JULIAinFLA, I have finally tried the witch hazel & glycerin. It really helps with the itch and burn, also the cracking. Got the glycerin at Walgreens (also saw it at WalMart). Found the alc free witch hazel at the Vitamin Shoppe, also saw it at GNC. I asked the clerk at GNC and he'd never heard of it and thought it was something to take orally. It was on the shelf in his store. Got the lavendar WH. Love the concoction!!!!!

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Dear Julia: THANNNNNK YOU!!!!! No, I'm not clear yet, but I'm using this mixture and also coal-tar shampoo/body wash, and my P. is looking great. Mainly it is FEELING better. I don't constantly feel like I'm covered in fungus or something. So, I'm hoping it keeps getting better and better, but even if this is as good as it gets, I can't thank you enough!!!!!!!

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Hey Julia, I've been using your mixture for almost a month now and I have to say I've had the most improvement with this than I have with anything! The top layer of my skin is growing back and starting to turn to the normal color. All I have to say is thank you for putting this up.

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from BearSam

By bearsam
Reply 3346435
JEREMY--i would take JULIA FROM FLORIDA advice--the witch hazel and glycerin mix is a very big help with the itching of psoriasis. i been using this for several weeks now and i for one use this every day. my skin has cleared up big time on this formula alone.

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By kelly1259
Reply 3353662
September 6, 2012 at 7:19 pm
I have had great results with this. Mix it 50/50. Apply to your scalp in the evening cover with a conditioning cap, shower cap, something so you don't get your pillow all greasy. Wash your hair in the morning and style as usual. I had results after the first application. After 3 0r 4 the itching and flaking was done. The apply a couple times a week to maintain.

Instead of cap you can place a towel on ur pillow

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By dashn1
Reply 3365497
9-11-2012 @4:07 am
the best thing that relieved my itchy scalp, skin, and scaly patches, is from that talented, modest, ang blessed woman
Julia n Florida. The worst time used to be bedtime, and feeling the itchy, crawling scales of those patches keep me up
at night, and now they are at rest, and have eased up, with Julias FORMULA.

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By Sis-Cynthia
Reply 3366563
9-11-2012 at 1:22 pm
I think I'm going to wean myself off these creams; taclonex, triaminicilone, clobetesol.....these are all "high potency" ones and guess what, they really don't do much for me anyways.
I have found that Juliasfl "witch hazel & glycerin does just as good
I just thought steroids were the best thing, I know better now.
much love
Sis Cynthia

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By dashn1
Reply 3365497
September 11, 2012 at 4:07 am
BTW, the best thing that relieved my itchy scalp, skin, and scaly patches, is from that talented, modest, ang blessed woman Julia n Florida. The worst time used to be bedtime, and feeling the itchy, crawling scales of those patches keep me up at night, and now they are at rest, and have eased up, with Julias FORMULA.

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Julia, you couldn't be more helpful. Your better than the doctors! Your suggestion about using Glycerin on the scalp was the first time I had heard about it ever. I just tried it once and there was a remarkable improvement immediately on my scalp. I have scalp Psoriasis all over my head but I thought I would try using it on just a small part of my scalp to begin with to see what might happen. For anyone who has not tried it I did use it a little differently than Julia suggested but it worked so well and I couldn't believe it! I'm in HEAVEN! This is what I did. I put the Glycerin on a part of my scalp and left it on for about a half hour. Then I rinsed it off with water very gently. I patted the area dry (again gently). Before my eyes some of the the skin shrunk and fell off, the redness disappeared, my scalp felt so good and I'm still in disbelief! The best thing I have ever read but better still it actually works the best! God bless you, Julia! I hope I can help someone in return as much as Julia has helped me!

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I just wanted to let you know how witch hazel/glycerine is working for my daughter. I know it may be too soon to be excited. But i tried it last night, i put it on her butt which is really bad. Dark red, scally, silver tint in spots and barely able to see regular skin. And this morning when she got up i looked. Obviously it will take some time but some spots were pink and flat and saw some more reg skin. So i put some on before she went to school. I know this is just the start but im really hoping it continues in getting better... Thank You again.... Also thank you Dana i just googled about the juicing im going to get a juicer this weekend. And i may also have my daughter try the dead sea salt baths just dont know if it will burn her. Last night when i was applying the mixture she said it burned but i asked her. Is it the mixture or me touching it. It was me touching it. She was crying that it burned when she went to bed but it was aggrevated from me rubbing it. So when i went up for bed i checked in on her and she said it felt better. Like it was soothing her. And she also said that it didnt itch at all today at school. TY

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Julia, it has taken a few weeks to see improvement but results are amazing. I'm afraid to get my hopes up but I will report back to you. I'm so excited to have this help! Thank you Julia!

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Julia, I have been using your prescript for 5 days and can see a lot of improvement. The witch hazel and glycerin soothe the itching allowing the skin to heal some. I have no new cracks (so no bleeding)' redness is fading, itching reduced and stopped as soon use it again. The p on my neck and scalp is much better, as well. Thanks again. I do not expect it to cure just help.

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....................By BuffaloJack
Reply 3462658
I was 63 when my psoriasis showed up. They gave me steroid creams.
The steroids would stop the itch for about an hour at a time but they made my skin brittle, cracked and bleeding.

They gave me Vitamin D cream and other stuff, but nothing worked until I discovered the 50:50 Glycerin/Witch Hazel treatment on this website.
I've been using GL/WH for about 3 years now. It does not get rid of psoriasis, but it will immediately stop the itch for 8 to 12 hours at a time; it will thin the plaques and the splitting and cracking of the skin never happens any more.
Some of the plaques even thin and smooth down to the point of looking like they are just a patch of extra pink skin.
The only problems I have now are when I get complacent and forget to apply the mixture for a week or so. That's when I'm reminded that the plaques control my life and the itch returns with a vengeance. Re-applying the GL/WH stops the itch right away and plaques go back to being controlled after a few days.
If you haven't given GL/WH a try, you should. It's cheap and the only thing I've found that actually works.

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Only thing I can say is AWESOME! Thanks Julia for sharing this wonderful help!

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Julia, my skin is soft and moist from your 50/50 gly w.h. Psoriasis is still there, but what a beau difference in my skin. thank you!

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Use EXTRA WH tO mAKE it thinner and..............rub in in until gone

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Just to let you know, I found the alcohol-free witch hazel at Wal-Mart, and also the glycerin in the pharmacy section.

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I'm trying it, I had to go to amazon, Walgreens did not have any of the ingredients. I keep it at the sink to hit my arms and hands, and a spray bottle in the bathroom. I've also developed a nail fungus which the dermatologist said nothing about my accupuncturist said it looks like a fungus. But it seems to work, redness is down. As good as the expensive perscription steriods. So thanks for the information. I also use Walnut Oil too, I've tried everything, every other day I'm using Walnut Oil and the glycerin/witch hazel on the skin and Udo Oil inside the body 3 Tbs per day. Redness seems to be way down. I can actually go without the white gloves during the day if I'm at home and not cleaning or petting the dogs.

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Oh thank GOD, I sifted through Talk Psoriasis for nearly an hour ... but I *finally* found you!!! I wanted to personally thank you for the post on glycerin and witch hazel. Even though we've never met, we live hundred of miles apart and you could not have possibly known this - 12 short days ago, ***YOU*** literally saved my life. I was *covered* with psoriasis on that day and to top it off, undergoing the most excruciating pain I had ever experienced in my 44 years (with degenerative disk disease) - far worse than when I had kidney stones. I literally had a bullet in my hand, but had not gone for the gun yet (it was just inches away). Out of sheer desperation, I did a quick search on - ironically, this happened to be on what I did not know was psoriasis awareness day! And where did it lead me? Right here, and right to your post. I've lost count of how many dermatologists I've been seen by shortly following Hurricane Katrina (I *know* you remember that one!). My last one had given me a steroid shot that lasted less than a week before the major flare up that led me here. I can't begin to thank you enough for that post. First thing it did was give me hope. After I had calmed down enough in order to drive safely, I FLEW out of our house and purchased the items you posted, the one that so many people had sworn by. Whipped up a batch as soon as I walked back in and experienced *immediate* relief! By the next morning, at least half of the pustular psoriasis on my back and ALL of the plaques had slid off my scalp. Now, 12 days later - all but the most stubborn plaque (at the small of my back), they're ... well, they're GONE!!! I have to wonder how many other lives you have saved. You are truly blessed. Again, thank you SO much for your post ... if it weren't for that, people would have been attending my funeral as opposed to me telling others about what you have discovered through your research (I hope you don't mind!!!). I'm not claiming it as my own - and, by word of mouth ... you are in all likelihood saving more lives even as you sleep just by myself and others passing on what you have discovered. I know it's not a cure - but this has definitely given me a far more positive outlook on life and my future. You're probably tired of hearing it but, again - thank you!!!

Peace - and God Bless,
Little Queenie in LA.

UPDATE: As of today - November 14, 2012 ... ALL signs of Psoriasis are completely *gone* with of course, the exception of a little scarring - but, that's *nothing* compared to scratching in your sleep to the point of bleeding!!! Just gotta keep the special mix handy for "upkeep". For the first time in quite a few years ... it's actually not painful to brush my hair. That, in itself is a major relief. :o)

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