Had a few TURBT's

Just found this site and so far seems great. I am in my late 20's, Male and was first diagnosed in early 2008. Was about 5-6 inches at that point and had my first TURBT a week later with Mito C. What an ordeal, I made the mistake of thinking things were okay 3 days later and I ended up in pain for months.

Had my 2nd TURBT about 8 months later followed by a few rounds of BCG. Still the little buggers seem to be persistent. Had my most recent surgery late in the summer of 2009 and another checkup coming soon. I am a little nervous and am really hoping that the 3rd time was the charm, but it seems to be low grade non-invasive still so that's positive at least.

Anyone else go through a similar situation? How many TURBT's until clean? Anyone still doing them now that has had more than 3? There seems to be so many different answers to each question, I'm curious about some of the experiences of the members here.


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You won't have to wait long before getting the information you asked for. The guys here are terrific. My husband and I are at the beginning of this battle, awaiting results of first muscle biopsy next week, so I can't help you much right now. Welcome to bcan.


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We have many BCG warriors here. Some have had success with just induction BCG, some have done maintenance once a month for a year and some are doing maintenance once a quarter for three weeks. I had 6 induction treatments a little over a year ago. Next came 2 rounds of maintenance once every three months(3 treatments...once a week). I am ready to start the next round of maintenance in January(my doc changed to once every 6 months). So far I have been all clear---no new tumors.

Some people have no side effects, some have pretty bad side effects. If you fall on the bad side effects side, there are meds your doc can give you to help you get through it.

Good luck with your treatments. Let us know how it goes and if there are any questions we can answer.


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I have had 8 TURBS in 2 years and 8 months. I have yet to have an all clear. Mine are non-invasive low-grade. I had 15 BCG treamts as well.
What is positive is my tumours are getting smaller and less of them each time.

Read my thread " the weeds in my garden" for a good explanation on TaG1 ( non-invasive, low grade)

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I've had 4 resections, 2-6 week series of BCG, and the non-invasive low grade keeps coming back, although not as much each time. Now going through 6 week series of Valstar (valrubicin) Minimal side effects from BCG and Valstar thus far (fatigue mostly).

Good luck to you!

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I had six turb's in the last four years. After the fifth I had six weeks of BCG. I was checked after bcg and another tumor came back. My local town uro suggested I go to sloan kettering in ny for second opinion. Sloan peformed a turb that week 4 tumors were removed one from bladder and three from prostate. I was informed there was no carcinoma and to come back in three months for checkup. So maybe the bcg helped. I hope this was the last turb my body needs time to heal. I pray you are done too.

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I was diagnosed with BC last December and had a TURBT. Waited three months, cancer back, had another TURBT in March. Then 6 weeks of BCG. Then waited three months. Cancer again returned, had a TURBT in June. Pathology was not good and my uro recommended radical cystectomy. Got a 2nd at University of Va; they agreed.

I had my RC in September with a neo bladder and I'm back to work and life is good, plumbing works like normal during the day.

Good luck, I hope you don't have to go through RC but you should know it's not the end of the world.

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Welcome to BCAN
I like you was noninvasive low grade. I have had 3 Turbts and 30 BCG treatments. I had a couple of recurrences during my 1st 12 BCG treatments, but have been cancer free for over 2 years during my past 18 treatments. I am also from Canada, located in the Toronto area. Good luck on your next Cysto.
BCG = Bladder Cancer Gone

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Hi, welcome to the site. I went through 3 turbt's before clean. Now have been clean for 5 years. You will need cystos every 3 months for I think it is three years, then they go to every 6 months, and once you are cancer free for 5 yrs they go to annually.

So bid your time, take care of your self, watch toxic exposure, if you smoke stop. Some dietary things that have been shown to reduce recurrences include the brassica family.....cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli.

if you work with toxic chemicals be sure to protect your hands and breathing, Drink lots of water, 6-8 glasses a day to reduce chemical exposure to the bladder wall, exercise which kicks up the immune system, and I guess generally live a healthy lifestyle.
That is the best any of us can do, that and don't miss any of your follow ups. We never want the cancer to get a leg up.


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I was diagnosed over a year ago with Ta G2-3. I am still having scopes every 3 months, BCG maintenance every 3 months and so far , so good.....no reoccurring tumors. After the initial TURBT in August of 2008 I had 2 biopsies for suspicion of CIS but both biopsies were negative.

Stay vigilant .

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Thank you everyone for the kind and very informative replies! The response back on this site has been fantastic and the best out of any group I've been a part of.

It has been a tough road and given that I have none of the "typical" risk factors, it's been especially frustrating because I don't have anything major I can change overnight like stopping smoking or drinking etc.

However, the outpouring of support here and the success stories here give me hope that there is possibly a light at the end of the tunnel and that's all I need to continue to function day-to-day without this taking over my life. Thank you all!

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