Hello parents.. This is my first post and biggest concern weighing on my heart.. Has you premie gone through multipule courses of dextramethasone steroids, if so how was the out come..

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My daughter had two short rounds of Dex. I didn't want it but was convinced by the docs it was needed. Yes, it worked but we found out 20 months later our daughter does have hypotonic CP and very mild PVL. I was very ill when I delivered and there's a very good chance she was oxygen/ nutrient deprived during my last few days prior to delivery. She received very small amounts of the steroid and over several days. We can't say when or how she developed CP or had the insult causing the mild PVL- she was quite ill and had trouble with oxygenation, anemia, pda not closing- the works really... However, she is doing remarkably well and enjoying a happy childhood complete with preschool and dance lessons. We did have a few rough years with feeding and gross motor coordination but she is quickly picking up skills. Her receptive language skills are ahead of the game and her fine motor is fabulous. She tires easily and has a very low frustration tolerance as well as an extremely high metabolism. She burns three times the calories as other children thanks to her low tone so it takes effort to plan high calorie and high protein meals for her. Good luck with your decision.

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