Hypnotherapist Weight Loss????? Does it work????

Ok, on Saturday night I broke down and asked my husband that stupid question that some of us women tend to do when we are feeling like a beached whale. You know the one "Honey, tell me honestly are you still sexually attracted to me?" Of course my husband being the loving man that he is did just what I asked and told me that he loved me no matter what however on the days that we are either fighting or just having a bad day that NO he doesn't find me sexually attractive. Gues the old saying is true if you don't want to know something then don't ask because you might just be asking the person that is going to be honest with you. I wasn't mad with him because you know us women we can tell actually I was more upset and disguested with my self than anything. However we started talking and he told me that he had been hearing about this World renound Hypnotherapist John Morgan who comes through Tallahassee, FL every couple of months and holds seminars on both Weight Loss and Smoking and that it was $75 for a 2 hour session. He told me that if I wanted to try that then the next time he comes to town he will take me. According to his website it is going to be this Fall before he gets back to Tallahassee. So, I decided to check to see if there was any Hypnotherapist who deal with weight loss here in Tallahassee and of course there was only one. The problem with her is that it cost $120 for the first visit (includes CD for reinforcement) then $100 per visit after that and of course I'm not a rich person so there goes that idea because I can't afford it.

Has anyone heard if this really works or not? I would be interested in finding out.

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Supposedly singer/songwriter Lily Allen used a hypnotherapist to lose weight, but I find it a little scary. Who knows what you could unlock from your subconscious. I'd say just keep trying to lose naturally and if you can't, for sure try it and let us know if it actually worked!

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I haven't done it personally but I had a co-worker do it. Everytime she was hungry she would press her fingers together some sequence. Anyways she was losing some weight and she was still paying. Well it wasn't the finger thing I tried to tell her it was the fact that she was eating healthier. Just because someone had a bag of hershey kisses on their desk and you pressed your fingers didn't make you not take it. You thought it would work so when you did it your "brain" said oh now I don't want it. I told her if she wanted I'd take the money and tell her to do something put her on a better eating plan lol. She stopped going and lost all the weight on her own. I don't believe in it so it would probably not work for me. However, I do think that a nutrional class or seeing a dietician is well worth the money.

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I have had very good success with hypnosis CDs I bought from a seminar that came to my city a few years ago. You can find the CDs at www.New Life Hypnosis.org You listen to each CD for 21 days and it retrains you to eat properly, drink water, exercise, etc. It really works, and makes dieting much easier! If you do something for 21 days, you can change your habits.

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