It's the gift that keeps on giving the whole year through

I have determined that auto-immune disorders are the 'gift' that keeps on giving. All right - don't yell at me for calling it a gift, because believe me, I get it. It's not. Unless you consider a flaming bag of poo on your porch as a gift.

I went to a new doctor this week and no one will be more surprised than me that I like her! She gave me a little hope and scared me a bunch, but she's a straight-shooter. I like that. Don't beat around the bush, just tell me.

On to the 'gift' I got this week from Lupus. The Wolf gave me another batch of lab tests to wait for. The Wolf blew my house down. I was starting to get accustomed to the flares, the crummy days and, yes, the good days. Now my heart is in question. Seems that after a really thorough history and exam with Dr. New (no that's not her real name), she has identified a potential for an embolism and/or a stroke in my future - and maybe even my not so distant future. I don't cry often and I don't scare easy (except for spiders and some snakes), but I'm going to be honest, I'm scared. I haven't cried, but it's going to happen. The news is just now catching up with me.

Seems that the Wolf can show up with a tendency for clotting. I've always been a good clotter. In fact, I've been pretty darned proud of it. I was also proud of my 'kick butt' immune system......see where that got me? That's probably why pride is one of those 7 deadly sins, right?

So, the lab has another 5 tubes of my blood. I am on watch and wait again AND on daily aspirin. I can tolerate the aspirin. What's another med? Especially if it's not steroids, which Dr. New and I agreed I don't have to do at this point. Topical will suffice.

But, if the panel is positive, I get to traipse on over to the Hem/Onc for further discussions of meds that I am in no way thrilled about.

The thing I want whomever is reading this to take away.....February is Women's Heart Health Month. I've always worn my red during February, even though I look awful in red. But, if you're reading this, whether you're male or female, PLEASE, I beg you - go to the American Heart Assoc website and familiarize yourself with heart symptoms in women. They may be different than you think.

I thought I was really heart healthy. I bike ride, I have low blood pressure, my pulse is nice and slow, my ECGs have been all clear.....but there are other things to consider.

So Happy Valentine's Day - remember, the symbol is a heart. Take care of it!

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HI I read your post and have alot of the same but am among the 10% of Lupus people that are male. The wolf is a pain I to have clotting problems and am on coumadin. And when i used to give blood the nurses allways said how good my blood was because it clotted so well. Yea 2 well. Hang in there VinnyK

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Hi VinnyK, Thanks for replying to my post. I haven't been on here in a while. Life is just crazy sometimes. After I wrote this post, I had a couple of pretty crummy weeks - oh well, it's just tacked onto a pretty awful year - but have had a few pretty good weeks lately. Been crazy at work, so hadn't had time to get onto Inspire.

So, you're in the 'lucky' (yes, that's completely sarcastic) 10%. I'm sorry to hear that. Isn't that crazy how what we thought was a good thing, and at times may have saved our lives in the past, is now working against us? Clotting saved me many times from bleeding too much. My hearty immune system kicked some rear on things that would have made me really ill. Now both are attacking me.

Let's both hang in there. I try to remain really positive, take my meds and just live every day to the fullest. Who knows about tomorrow. The world is a crazy place even without an autoimmune disorder. Hope we can chat again on a future post.

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