Day One of Weight Watchers (22 points)

I did not cheat with weight watchers, but believe that I am not losing because I am nursing less but still using the extra points. To determine if that is truly the issue, I have dropped my points to 22, which is where they would be if I was not nursing. Today is day one of this trial. Thus far I have consumed 7 points, but am hungry enough that when I get home, I will consume 7 to 8 more on dinner and then 2 to 3 for snack. That will bring my total to 18 max. Was not my intention to use less than 22, but worked out that way today. Tomorrow I will have a similar meal plan with one additional snack between lunch and dinner, which should bring my total points much close to 22.

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Did you consult your leader? Not sure what to say. Less IS not more when it comes to your points. This much I know. Points are there because you need them for good health . Also you need to keep metabolism up.

How long have you been at a stall?

For baby's sake, Can you eat more foods that are FREE but rich in folates?

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I did not sign up for weight watchers, it cost me enough to purchase the meals which I know are not the healthiest sodium wise, but with my schedule to most covenant. I did consume 19 points yesterday and will consume 22 today. My biggest goal it to ensure that I consume at least 1200 (1500 on days that I work out) calories a day. For the amount I am nursing, that is more than enough for me and the baby.

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Dfaithberry. Nursing Mama. Your main goal at this time is to nurish your young baby. What you eat is then what your baby recieves. Don't worry about a weight loss while nursing. Your body needs this time to adjust from your delivery. If on the other hand the nursing stops, or is split with baby formula, then go for it. Don't forget that exercise also helps. Exercise has been my bigest down fall. Good Luck. and Congradulations on your new little one.

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For the past four weeks I haven't produced much so the baby is only on breast milk 50% of the time, hence the reason for reducing my points, otherwise I would have been more than happy to stay at 32 points.hehe

mamw2being12 - I love to exercise, but getting into a routine is the hard part, I am trying though...and thank you!

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