34 weeks and low amniotic fluid

Does anyone have experience with this? I feel like my doctor is being too relaxed. I was 33 weeks and 4 days at my ultrasound and I'm now 34 weeks today (technically I'm 34 weeks 2 days but they won't change due date). My fluid was only at 6. I didn't even get to see a doctor, they just sent me home and I came back today for an NST after I had decreased movement and I finally got to talk to my doctor. He said all he wants me to do is increase my water and that they won't get too concerned unless it's at a 5 or if I don't even have 2 cm of fluid in any pocket.

I go back tomorrow for my actual appointment and I just feel like he's not being cautious enough. Please share your experiences.

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There really isnt anything to worry about yet. Oligohydramnios isnt diagnosed until the fluid drops below a 5. It is normal for amniotic fluid to peek at 32-33 weeks, then drop from there. It sounds like they are going to keep an eye on your fluid, but they are right, drink drink drink!! I have been induced twice due to oligohydramnios. With my first pregnancy it was first diagnosed at 29 weeks when my fluid was right at a 5. They induced me at 35 weeks exactly when it dropped from 4.8 to 1.5 in 2 days. My second was induced at 35 weeks 5 days when my fluid was at 3.5 cm.

Good luck, hope you make it full term :)

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I feel your concern, I had a slow leak and they made me drink alot, and put me on monitor 3 to 4 times a day and had and ultrasound everyday to keep checking. Sometimes you have to get bold with them and tell them what you want and your concerns. There were times I got nasty with nurses because they put me on the back burner. I refused to put up with that....

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Well I saw my OB today and nothing really new to report. Although he said he's going by a new standard of SDP (single deepest pocket) and as my deepest pocket of fluid is over 2.0 then it's okay. Well my SDP is only 2.68 which is only .68 cm more than a diagnosis for oligohydramnios. He said the practice hasn't totally thrown out AFI but that they are in a process of switching over to exclusively using SDP. I won't receive another ultrasound until next friday which will have been 11 days since my last one ugh. I heard there can be a link between reverse blood flow, IUGR and low fluid. My first had reverse blood flow and was IUGR but I don't believe they measured my fluid. This time though baby was in 60th percentile at 30 weeks and dropped to 46th (and only because he has a larger head measurement) by 33 weeks. I'm starting to get really bad anxiety about this and I just feel like my doctor is almost acting like I'm a hypocondriac or something and just over-reacting when in reality I feel like I have every right and reason to be concerned.

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