Trimix Injections - experiences and dosage?

After 3 months on daily Cialis with no effects (I use a VED too but can be uncomfortable), we tried a "test" dose of Trimix injection. A GREAT success! The hitch was it took between 4-5 hours for the erection to subside enough that I was not worried about having to call my Dr. and head to the emergency room (I'll never laugh at those viagra/cialis/levitra commercials that say if you have an erection that last for more than 6 hours call your doctor!). Will be titrating dosage and hopefully get a happier result next time.

Anyone have any suggestions or share experiences??


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I have been using Trimix successfully for several weeks. I started at 10 units and had an erection (10/10) that lasted over 2 hours. I reduced it to 5 units and had almost no response. I am now using 8 units and have an erection of 10/10 that lasts about 1 1/2 hours.

I talked with my doc about it before doing all this. He encouraged me to explore the dosage in the area of 10 units until I found what worked for me.

The Pharmacist I talked with said that I have found the response threshold for my body at about 6 units. I did get an erection with 6 units. It was about a 7/10. Again, I now use 8 units at a time. This low dose seemed surprising to the pharmacist. So, I would encourage you to explore. Obviously, the unit dose you tried was too much. So cut it back and keep trying. You will find it.

Good Luck.

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I've been using Trimix for around 3 years. Viagra, Cialis, did not work. Before I tried injections I purchased the tube/pump. I still have it but found it to be cumbersome and somewhat painful. I probably used it 6 times. I was first placed on an injection mixture of Bimix. The potency declined rapidly though I almost figured out an increased dosage to compensate. My doc tried me on Trimix and it's almost a perfect world, as it were. I require less and it lasts for months in the refrigerator. My issue is that I do not have a "compounding pharmacy" in my area so my Trimix is via mail-order. The mail-order pharmacy requires payment up front, approx $100, which I then file paperwork to my carrier for reimbursement. I am not familiar with the compounding mixture ratios. Normal injection is 30 on the needle. 3 hours erection is normal. When I was on the Bimix my number would get up to 70-80. I occasionally had to do a second injection to achieve acceptable results. Trimix is more stable. Don't ask me the difference.

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I've tried trimix four times with increasing dose but no satisfactory response. The last was 0.4 mL and caused some local dscomfort at the injection site--not bad pain, really, but with my low libido after ADT, I haven't been enthused enough to try again. I think I'll divide the dose between right and left and go to 0.5 mL when I do. I have heard that it works better in combination with Cialis, Viagra, or Levitra and that it works better when combined with a pump.

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Too much.

You need to start low, a five hour erection is, well a five hour erection. What on earth are you going to do with a five hour erection?

I could not use tri, (painful), had to use bi and after a very short time I began to experience curvature.

Now, understand my history is a mess, with a bad surgery, and then radiation too close to the surgery.

I gave up after about six months.

My implant is great, almost normal and on demand. Painful to aquire and expensive.

Best. Scott

To the member thinking about going both sides. Negative. The corposa communicate, no need to inject both sides. And yes a pump and vasodialator meds help but if you can not acheive erection with bi or tri you have a serious problem that needs to be assessed by a Dr.


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I could not use any of the pills for ED because of my heart problems. My VA doc gave me EDEX for injections. No problem, after 5 min. of the injection I had a full hard erection. I am cutting the dose in 1/2 because the erection lasted 2 1/2 hours. I did have some discomfort after sex but it was due to the long peroid of the erection. Also I am doing great on the bladder issues, I am down to one pad a day. However, one beer and I have to go every 15 min. Hang in there, I was doubtful on a lot of things. You really have to be patient, JOE

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I switched to bimix 30/1, started on .10 ml, good result, no pain or aching but lasted almost 4 hours, and erection could have been better. Titrated up to .12 and then .15 - perfect (still going to try a bit more) ) and lasted about 3.5 hours. I understand over time the time comes down as your body adjusts. Now I have almost a full bottle of trimix 5.0 ML that I can't use! Expensive lesson.

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Glad the bimix is working, Be careful to alternate sides with injections. I used the small diabetic syringe and I think the needle was 5/8 (.625). I would choose an injection site and slowly increase pressure and the injection was nearly painless.

It worked great for me up until the curvature which I think was due to my unconventional history.

Best. Scott

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The second dose of Trimix down to .10 ML was still very long and uncomfortable. So I switched to Bimix 30/1 at initial dose of .10 and it was totally pain free and felt like a real erection, but not quite as hard as I would have liked, and still lasted 3-4 hours. Upped dose slowly - .12, then .15 - and now it is perfect! Still lasts 3+ hours but it is getting less as I use it more - told this is common as you adjust to the drugs and increase vascular flow. Encourage you to try bimix as it does not have the one drug that causes the discomfort in some men.

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