After LEEP... still positive :(

My name's Abby I'm 24 yrs old and last year I found out I was positive for high risk HPV (CIN 2-3). I've only had 1 partner within the past 7 years. I'm very scared and I don't have anyone else to turn to so that's what brings me here. I had the LEEP/cone procedure Aug. 2008 and at my post op appointment my doctor tells me the ''margins are clear,'' and she'd see me in a few months for my follow-up pap smear. At that time both my doctor and i felt confident that everything would be fine.

January of this year I come in for my pap and sadly the results still came back positive for high risk HPV yet again! So I come back for the cervix biopsy. My doctor suggests at my next appointment "cryo-therapy" to freeze off the abnormal cells. My heart is breaking and I don't know how to deal with this alone. I try to think positive but it's so hard! Just wondering if you guys had a similar experience and what you could advise me. Do you know the success rate of cryotherapy? I know usually the first step of treatment is cryotherapy and if that's not working then it is followed by LEEP, but in my case it's reversed. I'm so scared it won't help! I'm pissed off that at first my doctor said the margins were clear after the LEEP then a few months later she tells me there's abnormal cells again! It's so frustrating!! Do you think cryotherapy will help???

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i would strongly encourage you to see a gynecologic oncologist as your next step in treatment for your dysplasia. even if you don't have cancer, having recurring or persistent dysplasia is a good reason to see a doctor who deals with this all the time and has the expertise and experience you deserve and need!

you may also want to get more information from your doctor and a copy of your medical records. when he says you currently have an abnormal pap, you should find out the specifics, along with the results from your biopsies.

meanwhile, do whatever you can to help your body clear the hpv smoking, DIM supplements (or eating cruciferous vegetables which contain DIM), getting plenty of sleep, avoiding vaginal infection/inflammation, avoiding tampons, using condoms, reducing stress, etc.

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Thanks for the quick response flowershoplady! I've actually been looking for a new doctor who specializes in gyn/onc and i found one at UCSF medical center. I'm going to try to make an appointment with her next week. You are right, I do need to gather all my medical records/pathology reports and take it to my new physician. I realllyyy want to prevent my HPV CIN 2-3 from turning into cancer! I hope it's not too late for me! My next step is cryo-surgery. Have you had that yet?

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My margins were also clear from my LEEP and a PAP 6 motnhs later came back problematic. I had a colposcopy and then a LEEP. I never had any freezing done. From what I know, if you have HPV then you always have a chance of recurring problems. Hang in there. I know how upsetting it can be. We all do.
Sending Hugs!

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Hi Abbylove -- What's your pap smear result? HPV can continue to clear for months after a LEEP procedure, and I read somewhere that you can still be getting abnormal results just due to inflammation (healing) up to 12 months after a procedure. Also, HPV will continue to clear and ACOG recommends the testing between 6-12 months after procedure as sign of cure. And even women positive for HPV after a procedure don't necessarily go on to develop another lesion. So, again, I'm wondering what was the pap smear result (and result of your latest biopsy) because, if normal, I can't imagine your doctor would be recommending another procedure, even if you were high risk HPV positive.

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and, to add to what corellin posted, hpv and dysplasia are two separate things. i, too, would encourage you to find out what your pap test results are and what your hpv test is indicating.

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