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2014 AACR SSP (Scientist<->Survivor Program)

I just returned from participating in AACR's (American Association of Cancer Researchers) SSP (Scientist<->Survivor Program). It was ...
- in Ovarian Cancer National Alliance


Acro osteolysis

I just had X-rays of my hands/feet done and saw acro osteolysis. Anyone know of any centers doing studies/research on this condition ...
- in Scleroderma Foundation


Day after TURBT

Thank you for your kind words, Fran. Actually I think my parents are relieved by what the doctor told them and I'll leave it that ...
- in Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network


Face Inflammation

I have been diagnosed with Limited Sclero. Sometimes, my face and eyes blow up with such swelling, I look deformed. Yesterday, one ...
- in Scleroderma Foundation

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